"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 2, 2012

musical laps

lately, this is what dinner looks like.
max only wants to eat off of our plate.
with our fork.
you can give her a plate like ours, with a fork like ours.
it doesn't make a difference.
she still wants to eat off of our plate.
true grandpa ryan {my dad} fashion.
my stepmom once got him a fork that extends out like a pointer as a joke b/c he is famous for picking food off of other people's plates from across the table.
i can still see him trying out that extend-able fork for the first time with his rosy cheeks and adorning eyes.
sean says i have followed him in his pursuits and wonders why i am surprised that max now does the same.
in all of our defense,
food really does taste better off of someone else's plate.
nonetheless, she has now moved from merely eating off of our plates to needing to sit in our laps and then eating off of our plates.
i'm sure that if she were my first born i would scold her and make her sit in her own seat b/c there must be a parenting book somewhere that talks about table manners and being firm,
but thank goodness she is my second,
and we can just let her sit on our laps and enjoy this phase.
b/c whenever i get annoying with their little phases i picture them as teenagers that don't even want to ride in the same car as me and it makes me love how much they love us right now.
so much that they want to eat dinner sitting in our laps.
i of course do not really have a lap right now so i try to box her out.
but she knows daddy will always make room for her.
and i bet grandpa would too.
so tonight they both had to sit by dad,
and at one point they were both sitting in his lap while he ate.
or they ate.
i love our happy life:)
and anything gummy.
it is the latest and greatest of the tummy diaries.


becca said...

aw how cute and i love the sour gummy worms

Sue said...

I love anything gummy, too.