"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, January 29, 2012

no one but ourselves

gift cards to shop with {i have learned i can only afford bowls and mugs at anthropology}
the most perfect bowls ever created.
kids sleeping at grandma and grandpa's
little america hotel
staying up late talking about life and other gossip
not being able to sleep a wink b/c of a hard mattress and stretching skin that burned
baby picked a bad night to grow
thus he grew
and my so did my skin
waking up early to talk about life and other gossip
the most beautiful breakfast in bed i've ever been treated to
a morning nap
a hot shower without any children interrupting
no one to take care of but ourselves
picking up children that love you more than they ever have before
hugs all day
kisses all day
mommy, i love you ALL DAY:)
afternoon naps to recover from no sleep for any of us
basketball game for the boys
dirty dancing and early to bed for the girls
sleeping all night
happy christmas present from sean.
love him.


Gilbert Family said...

how wonderful!!!! what a nice way to get away. love those mamas that watch the kiddies! sorry your tum tum was burning. always seems to happen that way ;)

The Jackson Family said...

I spy eggs benedict.. YUM! Had that and went into labor with Tyler a couple hours later :D

Jen said...

Awww, that sounds wonderful!!

Emmy said...

Oh I want that present!! Sounds wonderful- well other than the not sleeping and stretching thing :). And that breakfast looks good!

Lisalulu said...

oh WOW ... what a wonderful guy! sorry about the burning (skin and inside too) try coconut oil on the skin. I am starting to use it on EVERYTHING>

Amy said...

Goodness, what a sweet man you have! And what a dreamy Christmas present! And coming home to children after being away for a day is wonderful, isn't it? Glad you got one last night alone with your hubby before the baby comes. Exciting!