"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, January 5, 2012

charge {footloose for $1.25}

it is not the orange.
i am sad.
but really,
we were never going for taste here.
i saw footloose at the dollar movies last night with my friend.
i am betraying my childhood by saying it was better than the first.
really, it was.
except the original music was better.
i never really liked the main girl character in the original anyway.
the new girl was much cuter.
more likable.
it made me want to go buy a jean skirt and red boots.
and while i once believed that it couldn't be footloose without kevin bacon,
i stand corrected.
b/c ren was even better the second time around.
but my favorite character is still his farmer friend.
with his little freckles on his cheekbones.
oh how i love the dollar movies.
even if they do cost $1.25 now.
i wish the raisenettes had been that cheap.
and let's not even talk about my $4.50 soda.
half diet coke.
half mr. pibb.
lots of ice.
that's what i always say.
and now for the fruit punch
and the small veins...
it's go time.


Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

I got the lemon lime one this time around and it wasn't bad at all. I also like the farmer friend, and I always mix diet coke and Dr. Pepper. Just thought I'd share as I was reading this, as people always give me weird looks about the drink choice :)

Sue said...

Hope all goes well, Em!


Alicia said...

Good luck! I hope the fruit punch flavor isn't too gross...

becca said...

good luck they all taste nasty to me

Amy said...

Boo on the fruit punch. Just screw up your face and guzzle. The face pulling always makes it go down easier. I don't even think it is that bad, but the face. You have to do the face. :)