"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 2, 2012

jeans {just as satisfying}

i love that brennan will still let me do this in a store.
he is two pairs of jeans richer this afternoon.
thank you H&M.
we barely survived the check out lines,
but the prices were worth the wait.
three cheers for no holes in the knees.
although that only seems to last a couple of months anyway.
and while i love the holes in the jeans,
there comes a point where the man needed to not have 22* air going right through his jeans.
b/c all 4 of his other pairs of jeans have holes in the knees.
along with his brown cargos.
oh how i love this little boy.
i'm so happy about his new pants,
i feel like i bought something for myself.
but so true.
and just as satisfying.
max picked out a princess tiara.
and brennan a spiderman beanie.
which he used his "christmas money" to buy.
he told the cashier all about it.
she loved him.
me too:)


The Jackson Family said...

My favorite part? Brennan using his Christmas money :)

Fiauna said...

Never been to H&M. I'm determined to get there some day.

Katie said...

Oh, the holes in the knee. I can't tell you how many uniform pants have been rendered useless because of a hole in the knee. I am saving them with the idea that I will have more than enough to make Colin a quilt before he goes off to college - we'll see if that quilt actually ever gets made, but it's a good *idea*, right?

Amy said...

Aw! That is adorable. I love that he paid for his beanie, and he was so proud and told everyone about it. That is the best self esteem builder out there! And what a great picture! Did Sean take it? Or was it a random person in the store? That would be a little weird, though. So so cute.

P.S. There is a little boy in my primary class who looks so much like Brennan, I keep calling him Brennan instead of his name which is Peyton. It sort of makes me laugh, but I am not sure he likes me now because of it. Oops!

Sue said...

For some reason, this made me miss my own little boys. And all of their hole-y jeans.


Emmy said...

Yep, Lucas has the same trouble- but we have 84 degree air here today so doesn't matter much :)