"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

have a snack.

note to self:
do not go to bed hungry.
you will wake up at 4am.
lay in bed for an hour trying to go back to sleep,
telling yourself you're really not that hungry,
finally give in around 5:36am,
walk downstairs,
eat a bowl of reese's puffs and half of a banana in the dark,
go back upstairs,
with a baby now awake and lively in your stomach,
and a barney song stuck in your head.
that will not allow you to go back to sleep,
and finally around 6:30am you will go back downstairs where you will fall asleep on the couch until 8am when you hear a 4 year old asking for hot chocolate and a "woodie" {movie}.
you will tell said 4 year old to get his milk from the fridge,
hot chocolate will just have to wait,
and have him hand you the remotes to turn on a woodie for him.
then you will fall back asleep until after 9am when the 2 year old will wake up.
bless my "sleeper-in-er's."
the only reason you will know the 2 year is awake is b/c the 4 year will have heard her,
and will run upstairs to get her out of bed before you've even opened your eyes all the way.
then you will walk around in a stupor of fog,
pouring milk,
opening yogurts,
and convincing said children that chocolate teddy grahams are not real food.
especially not for breakfast.
at which point you will give up and let them eat the teddy grahams as long as they finish their yogurts,
which by some miracle they will do both.
and then the white blind spots will come on.
and you will panic,
but try to stay calm,
taking two tylonel.
and a blanket.
and a big glass of water to the couch.
and then you will spend the next two hours sleeping on said couch to get rid of your migraine that only comes on when you don't get good sleep when you are pregnant,
while the children entertain themselves with toys and never occasionally fight.
again, MIRACLE.
and the entire time you will wonder why you didn't just get a snack at midnight before you went to bed when all of this could have been prevented.
so learn the lesson.
have a snack before bed.
the end.


Camillia said...

Same thing happens to me if I don't eat RIGHT before I go to bed. My morning was almost exactly what you just described! :( Thank heaven for kids that sleep in and know how to entertain themselves!

Alicia said...

I love reading your blog cause I can totally understand exactly how you're feeling (either from personal experience or because you write it out so well! Or both!)I hope you feel better!

My Mercurial Nature said...

Your kiddos sound like they're so laid back, I love that! And yes, remember to have that snack before bedtime!!

jen said...

Snack before bedtime? Is that Hyrum's problem? I'll remember that.

becca said...

wow what a day and how cute your kids played so nicely so you could rest. oh and YUM ice cream

Amy said...

Once upon a time my kids slept in that late. It was heaven. Since moving here they have gotten up every morning about 5:30. But they don't ever get us. They go get their grandparents who get up and let us sleep in until we wake up naturally. It is one thing I love. Though if we didn't live here, they wouldn't wake up so early and so it wouldn't be needed. Double edged sword, I guess.
Wonderful that you were able to sleep so much though. Sorry your head hurt. What a sweet brother Brennan is to get his sister and take care of her so you can sleep. I love that.

Barbara said...

I feel your pain, completely, except for the sleeping in. My 2 year old never ever sleeps in.

Emmy said...

Okay will do! And yes I am 150% jealous your kids sleep in that much

Sue said...

I think I've had waaay too many snacks before bedtime!