"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 13, 2012

dinglehopper {flame}

{grandma gibson's early birthday celebration,
as her birthday falls on valentine's.
valentine valerie.
born on valentine's day.
in st. valentine's hospital.
no joke.}
who knew hibachi was so frightening?!
max burst into tears when the flame part came.
i think it was the heat that scared her the most.
it does get hot.
brennan hid in my lap.
and kept asking if there was any more fire part,
and could we please NOT come back to this place?
poor babies!
at one point i had them both in my lap.
kisses, hugs, warm little bodies.
i managed to feed myself with one one free arm.
surprisingly enjoyable.
they loved the steak and rice.
i was glad they didn't want to try the shrimp.
b/c dipped in the white sauce...mmmm
all mine:)
and the highlight of my night was when i was OH so lucky to have brennan comb my hair with his fork.
thankfully, a clean fork.
"dingle-hopper," he said.
yep, we have officially been watching too much little mermaid.
wait for it...
wait for it...
so funny,
until it wasn't.
am i a bad mom b/c i laughed before i frowned?
my heart ached for her fears.
it really did.
and loved for her hugs and kisses.
to make it all better.
and soothe her worries.
with brennan hiding in my lap.
making little whimpering sounds.
max curved alongside me for dear life.
and a baby kicking in my belly.
oh i love these little babies.
and their innocent little hearts.
there is nothing better.


becca said...

Happy Valentine Day and Happy birthday

Sue said...

At least you can rest assured that they are not budding pyromaniacs...


Lauren said...

Poor max... it is sad, but i also love how there is food in her mouth when he is screaming for her life... funny... probably funnier in the photos... :) Happy Valentine's Day to your whole adorable sweet family!

Emmy said...

Awe poor thing! And that is pretty funny about Grandma Gibson's birthday and birth place

Anonymous said...

love the Max angry face