"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, February 13, 2012

if it were halloween {32 weeks}

slip on shoes only.
no exceptions.
flip turns are officially out at the pool.
it took my back two days to recover from last week's swim.
not pretty.
no more cleaning tubs.
or mopping floors.
this could be a good thing.
i haven't decided yet.
i cannot give up vacuuming.
my mother in law may be the only person to truly understand my vacuuming line yearnings.
anyone else?
heaven forbid anything fall on the floor that needs to be picked up.
thank you to my two short people.
when they are cooperative.
very convenient.
except when it's not.
my lower back has reached an all new level of discomfort.
mainly at night.
have mercy,
i wish i didn't have to turn over during the night.
there are muscles i never knew i used to turn over.
varicose veins...
they just keep getting worse.
trust me, if it were halloween, i could wear them as a costume.
there will be no photographic documentation.
you're welcome in advance:)
it was not this way with the other two.
who knew the third baby could change all of the rules??!!
now i know.
it can.
the charlie horses wake me up sometimes.
did you know you could get them on the front of your leg?
me neither.
but you can.
i'm experienced in the matter now.
i'm not ready to be up with a newborn all night for weeks on end,
but i'm sure ready to not be pregnant anymore.
except i know i'll miss this life of just two.
when it's a thing of the past.
remember HERE?
is it wisdom to recognize it now,
or foolishness to wish it away?
i couldn't help but remember THIS tonight.
"It is like climbing a mountain,
and as soon as you reach the top
you get knocked back down to the bottom
to climb it again,
but I guess the fun is in climbing
and not arriving."
-Marjorie Pay Hinckley


Sue said...

Wait'll the fourth!



PS. I know. That was evil.

becca said...

you're gorgeous

jen said...

And as for Sue's comment, wait until the seventh . . .

Wicked chuckle.

Thanks for sparing us the varicose veins.