"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 17, 2012

smoothie + max = love {mustache}

for the last three days after brennan goes pee,
he walks out of the bathroom,
turns around, 
and makes his naked bum talk with his hands to us.
it's the grossest thing on the planet.
his bum mostly says hello.
sometimes it only grunts.
or makes unidentifiable words,
and occasionally toots.
max and i are traumatized.
and i ask you,
where does an almost 4 year old boy learn such a thing???
i promise he has never seen any jim carey movies.
or sponge bob.
we are a disney chanel and pbs house!
and mickey mouse does NOT talk with his bum.
phineas and ferb on the other hand...
it is a mystery to us all.
i completely blame his father.
and even though his father has never done such a thing to me,
i know it must be from his DNA b/c i would never do such a thing.
except the time when i mooned the video camera tape we were sending to grandma max with my clogging competition on it.
my mom was so horrified that she made me go back and edit it out.
in my defense,
i had no idea it was to be mailed to grandma max.
i would have NEVER mooned something going to grandma max.
i have dignity people!
and respect!
and occasionally a sense of humor.
have mercy it's funny.
until it's gross.
brennan's bum,
not mine.


Sue said...

Charming little fellow...


The Jackson Family said...

You need to get video of said bum talking and send it to your mom :D

Emmy said...

I don't get it sometimes where kids learn the things they do. Total mystery. But funny for the rest of us- since it isn't our kids taking with his butt ;)

Katie said...

Hahahaha. That is totally horrifying and totally funny.