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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

make a wish {upon a candle}

she wanted brennan to blow out her candle.
it made his day.
and mine.
i love their little friendship.
{it had been a rough day for brennan b/c she was the birthday girl and he was not.}
she couldn't get enough of opening presents.
and said "woah" to all of her most favorite items.
she laughed when funny things happened.
like when GiGi put ribbons on her head.
it was really cute.
she neatly unwrapped the paper and would place the little pieces in tidy piles.
she wore two bow clips in her hair that she picked out from her new stock.
they didn't match.
she didn't notice.
i think she would have put them all on if we had given her the time.
she opened her girly lotion, spread it all over her hands and arms, smelled it, and asked for more.
anything princess, pink, and/or baby doll is so in at our house right now.
i'm exhausted.
it was a great day.


Kindra said...

Oh my goodness she is such a girl, so adorable!

Emmy said...

Awe cute girl! So glad she had such a fun birthday. And so nice to sharing candle blowing responsibilities.

jen said...

Two is best with little girls and their babies, huh?

jen said...

Two is best with little girls and their babies, huh?

Erin Ellsworth said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like her day was super special! So great.

Sue said...

She is one cute birthday girl!


Sandy Feinn said...

So incredible! You sure make beautiful kids!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Lani F said...

She is absolutely darling. Thanks for sharing.

Aris Demato said...

One lucky little peanut! Looks like you had a wonderful day, I can't believe she is already 2!!!

Dolly Lander said...

She is sOooooo cute. You are adorable as well Emily. Everytime I look at your blog it puts a smile on my face. I miss being your roommate.

Arlene Wilcock said...
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Arlen Wilcock said...


Shelly Heyborne said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

stacy gilbert said...

super cute!!! could she be any happier? what a great day

Richard Flagg said...

SOOO Cute, thanks!

Julie Baird said...

I don't think I ever wore a tutu on my birthday...............

Thanks for sharing! It's hard to believe it's been 2 years already and I don't even know her. I still think it's sad that you moved away.


You a such a cute MOM.

Aunt Jen P said...

she is so beautiful, I can't believe she is two already. Hope all is well with you guys

Elizabette Lane said...

Happy birthday number two to miss Max =).