"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 11, 2012

no weeds {tko}

cake batter, red velvet, pistacio
cookie dough and peanut butter cups "atop"
54 degrees.
in february.
i feel like i should be weeding my flower beds.
glory be, there are no weeds to weed!
just my foldable chair to sit in.
and warm sun to soak.
AND 21.1 oz of frozen yogurt.
no, i did not eat the entire thing.
i ate half.
and the other half tomorrow;)
saves an unnecessary trip out.
a method i have mastered over the years.
layer the toppings,
layer the flavors.
same on same so you get round 2 just as good as round 1.
i know, genius.
the weatherman told us to water our trees this week.
not enough snow to keep them hydrated.
doesn't he know that our hoses are unscrewed already b/c he told us to do that for the winter???
how could i possibly water my trees if my hoses are unscrewed for the winter.
the minute i screw them back on and water my trees the snow will come.
and my hoses will be ruined from the frost.
so fickle.


becca said...

not fair i'm in FL and we are having 30 degree weather i hate it

Sue said...

I'm reading these backwards since I'm behind on my google reader and am chuckling to note that you predicted it right!