"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 5, 2012

skivvies {the stars have aligned}

this is what your church shoes look like when it feels like april in the beginning of february
and you have a big brother.
two happy,
muddy kids.
and an hour of them
one very happy mama and papa.
muddy shoe and clothes clean up totally worth it.
TOTALLY worth it:)
spoken like a women with a washing machine.
i stripped brennan's clothes off before he came in.
and he ran right back out in his skivvies.
crazy man!
no coat feels fine to me.
only underwear is taking it too far.
i closed the door and waved at him through the window.
he told me it was sunny so he was fine.
utah kids.
bred for cold weather living:)
i am cherishing this mild winter,
being outside,
no snow on the lawn,
wishing we would have left the tramp up,
but it's weird to have winter without snow.
weird in a good way after last year.
it ran my winter loving bones ragged.
{never thought i would say those words},
i have this sense of feeling like we've cheated.
skipped straight to spring.
and are looking over our shoulders to make sure no one has caught us.
but really,
where is all of the snow???!!!
i can't go back to winter now.
spring has tantalized me too much already.
who am i?
where has emily gone?!
and what have you done with her??!!
that's right,
you gave her a fenced yard and two
{almost 3}
kids 4 and under.
funny how things change.
in a good way:)
is it april 2nd yet???
i'm not sure i really mean that...

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Sue said...

Just enjoy all those days till April 2nd while you can!