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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tutu 2 {every girl should get to}

"you say it's your birthday!
{dun nun nun nun nun nun}
it's my birthday too yeah!"
{dun nun nun nun nun nun}
"they say it's your birthday!
we're gonna have a good time!
i'm glad it's your birthday!
happy birthday to yeah!"
you get Belgium waffles with a whipped cream smiley face
and a strawberry nose on your birthday at our house.
sometimes you get blueberries instead of strawberries.
it depends on how prepared mama is that day.
strawberries were on sale this week.
then you get some whipped cream straight from the can.
siblings included.
until i get annoyed with pouring it into the little birdie mouths.
oh happy day:)
then it was bubble baths,
burgers, fries, rootbeer, & sundaes,
and dress up.
i wish i were 2.
 today we learned:
she doesn't like cherries.
i know.
worked out in my favor though:)
i can't believe how much she's grown.
same outfit as last year.
plus tights.
her request.
b/c every girl should get to wear a tutu on her birthday.

no frills party tonight.
1 year olds are easier to take pictures of.
2 year olds are harder.
don't forget to make the cake.


Lisalulu said...

happy birthday Max, I love your nose crinkle!

becca said...

aw happy birthday

Lauren said...

Happy birthday to Max! Such a cutie-- and it is SO nuts how fast they grow... :) Looks like a very fun and special birthday-- I love the birthday crown and special breakfast-- great ideas I might "borrow" for next year... :)

Tiffany said...

She's a doll!! Happy birthday to your little cutie!!

Emmy said...

Yes, two year olds are trickier for pictures. How fun that you put her in the same outfit! I remember that picture :)

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