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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


in what way do you make your mac?
it has been brought to my attention that there is more than one way.
i however have the BEST way.
this is what i told sean.
of course.
1. melt the butter with the hot noodles.
2. stir in the milk to get it moist.
3. add the cheese.
4. mix.
blended to perfection.
really though,
i'm right.


The Jackson Family said...

YES! That's how I do it. Then I put a little ketchup on top of mine :D

VandyJ said...

I used to just add the milk and butter at the same time and then the cheese. Then I had to cut down on salt and started making mac and cheese from scratch, so I could better control the salt in it.

Sue said...

Of course you're right. What else?


jen said...

How else? Really?
I guess my SIL uses sour cream instead of milk, but EWWW!

Jen said...

That's EXACTLY how I do it too! I like the butter to be all melty before I put everything else in :)

Anonymous said...

really, Em, really?!?! You are going to make me jealous just like the girl scouts!!! Now all I can think about is Mac & Cheese.

Amy said...

I have never thought about it. I guess I add the butter to melt, then do the cheese, then little by little, the milk. I don't like a lot of milk. Soupy Mac n cheese is the worst.