"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 23, 2012

old brennan

"i'm an old brennan, so i need this."
-brennan gibson
4 yrs old,
talking about his old man cane
and then he hobbled around the family yard hunched over,
making an "old brennan" face.
i got a sunburn on my arms.
and freckles on my face.
ok, my nose was a little pink too.
{do you know how hard it is to find sunscreen in the stores right now? hard!}
max wanted to be pushed in the baby swing for an hour.
last year's lack of spring is making amends this year,
and gracing us with tulips in our front flower bed
and green things growing everywhere.
i just wish that half of the green things weren't weeds.
i bought
jack o lantern,
sweet pea,
carrot seeds
to plant in this year's gibson garden.
i can't wait to eat them.
happy springing!
my body knows what it's doing.
dr. nielson was SUPER impressed.
i was beaming.
so proud of my body.
it's truly amazing!
and just like last time with max,
he was confused as to how i was sitting in his office still pregnant this morning.
seeing as most people are in labor with those numbers.
i told him i have a pedicure, hair appointment, and plans to BBQ on saturday.
that was why.
{and dad and sandie would kill me if i went into labor without them being here}
{and sean sprained his ankle at boxing last night--
a gimp is no good for rushing me to the hospital}
but mostly just the hair and pedicure.
necessities people.


Sue said...

Old Sue relates to Old Brennan very well.


Stacy Gilbert said...

they grow so fast haha. you look great! 2.5 cm? most people go in the hospital ready to deliver soon with those numbers. such a pioneer woman! after the pedi and hair, then he can come :)

Emmy said...

Yes, seriously is amazing you aren't in labor with those stats- and you did get to do your hair appointment so very good :)