"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 18, 2012

my win {GIRL cookies}

he won't even try the samoas b/c "they're girl cookies."
we tried to break the news to him gently that they are all GIRL scout cookies.
he shook his head and said "no, they are kid cookies, THAT ONE is a girl cookie."
it appears we are still in operation "i don't like girls."
or anything that resembles a girl.
except mommy, and makenzie, and the grandma's, and audrey, and miss kim.
those girls are fine.
he says.
it's a very intricate process of thought.
with lots of exceptions to the rule.
his loss.
my win:)


Sue said...

little boys are funny creatures


Anonymous said...

man do NOT ARGUE with him. and send ME the extras!!! this is so cruel!!!

The Jackson Family said...

I'm thinking it's cause the box is purple that makes it a GIRL cookie.

jen said...

Let him think that as long as possible. Samoas are the best!

Amy said...

That is so funny! I winger if Keith will ever go through the "girls are gross" phase. He is more so in the "the more girlfriends, the better" train of thought. And if it means you get more Samoas, it is a great deal!