"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a round apple & two skinny stick legs {picasso}

brennan drew me.
then he had me trace him,
so he could draw himself.
the circle on the right with two lines coming off of the bottom?
you guessed it.
that's me.
the main circle started off as my head.
he told me what each part was as he drew it.
the two circles at the top are my eyes.
then he drew the baby in my belly under the eyes.
and gave me two legs.
and then said he was done.
i love that he gave me stick legs.
skinny pregnant stick legs.
pretty much made my day.
now about that round apple body...
notice the spikey hair he gave himself.
two eyes.
and then he drew his stomach.
and told me there was food in it.
so he could be strong.
max insisted on being next,
but kept moving her arms,
so she got one stubby limb.
everyone was pleased.
 oh how i love my washing machine.
and little Picasso:)


Sue said...

What fun!

And I envy you the skinny stick legs. I already have the stomach!


Gilbert Family said...

magical memories! making them smarter and having fun at the same time. were you a teacher or something? :)

Amy said...

Ha! I thought that was a shield a sword he was holding, not his mother. Very impressive. Oh the joys of sidewalk chalk.