"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

angry cat

{there's nothing better than a sleeping newborn lump on my chest.}
sometimes chase sounds like an angry cat.
and i go to yell,
"hey! leave the cat alone!"
and then i think,
we don't have a cat.
it's just chase.
getting his diaper changed.
he hates getting his diaper changed.
{the wipe warmer helps.}
and then i think,
boy, am i glad we don't have a cat.
just children a'plenty.


BENVANA said...

i love your kids! all so cute! And the wipe warmer is wonderful, i must agree. yeah, i'm glad i don't have a cat either, just a baby

jen said...

bucket hats--nothing says spring like . . .

becca said...

i want a crown to but I want blue and hehe an angry cat you say

Sue said...

And that baby lump looks good on you!


Amy said...

I love the soldier hats. They make me laugh. Those kids of yours are hilarious.

You look amazing for just having had a baby. And very fetching with those big cheeks resting on your chest.

So funny that Chase sounds like a cat. A wipes warmer is heaven sent, though I would imagine having a clean bum would be so much nicer than a messy diaper sitting against the bum.

I have to admit, your blog right now is my guilty pleasure. I am so baby hungry. Reading your posts feeds that hunger. Not sure if that is healthy or not, but I keep coming back. Good thing I like you or I would probably hate you.