"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hasty tasty

 because when life is good,
it's really good.
i may be hasty in my conclusions.
in fact,
i am SURE i must be being hasty,
based off of what everyone has told me about 3,
but color me pretty i'm going to declare it!
going from 1 to 2 was harder than from 2 to 3.
this is why:
going from 1 to 2,
you have to get everyone used to someone else being the center of attention.
what once was 1 is now about 2.
but from 2 to 3,
everyone is already used to sharing everyone else and everything.
what once was 2 is now just a busy 3.
we shall see if this theory holds up
when 3 starts moving.
or when we actually have to all go somewhere.
on time.
have mercy,
let's hope we don't ever have to be on time again.
oh, and i've
listened to everyone about going to bed with the baby at night 
and taking naps during the day.
it's all about the sleep.
and really great family and friends who are still bringing us dinners.
bless them.


Amy said...

I have always heard going to 2 is harder than going to 3. For exactly the reasons you listed. And also because 1 and 2 can play together while you are with 3, whereas 1 wants Mommy to play like before. Keith actually told me to put Faye back (in my belly) so I could play with him when she was a new born. He really didn't like her. I love that they are such good friends now.
Being on time is over rated. :) There were 7 kids in my family, and I don't think we were ever on time to anything. My dad was bishop and I think it was embarrassing to him when his family would walk in right before the sacrament started every week. I used to think the meeting started with the sacrament! We were always late, and I turned out just fine. Right? Right?

Sue said...

For me it was harder going from two to three. Because of the juggling.


becca said...

beautiful family

Jen said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you've found the 2 to 3 thing to be true!
Love the photos.
Sleep is good :)