"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

swimsuit, sunscreen wearing...

swimsuit, sunscreen wearing,
backyard lounging,
lawn mowing,
watermelon cutting,
trampoline jumping,
sprinkler running,
Popsicle eating,
8 hours in the sun,
go to home depot every saturday,
thank goodness it's summer
began at our house today.
the "bigs" made mud pies in the water table.
i couldn't get max to stop drinking the gross, dirty water.
brennan showed her how to sit in the water table.
good thing she had a regular diaper on.
good thing we had a size small swim diaper to replace the 50lb regular diaper that soaked up half of the water in the water table.
good thing her tush is tiny and fit into that size small.
i taught my kids the art of laying out on the tramp to warm up and dry off.
max looked so grown up.
it scared me.
i had my first rocket Popsicle of the year.
and we acquired an old swing set from our neighbors.
all of this while the carpets in our house were steamed cleaned.
b/c max got creative with her smoothie after breakfast this morning.
i give you,
the culprit.
{notice the finger painting on the door. war paint on the face. very artistic.}
we are so proud.
i've been looking for a good excuse to have my carpets cleaned.
so glad they got it all out.
my house looks brand new. 
from top to bottom.
they tell me it took an iron to pull it out.
yes, a real bonified iron your clothes iron.

about that max...
no more smoothies inside the house for her until she's 18.
she can take hers on the patio from now on.
i'm exhausted.
what a great day:)


Gilbert Family said...

#1: i love max. she is gorgeous and silly and adorable and i want to hug her.
#2: does lil mancub chase have red hair? he MUST be irish!
well done mama. youre a rock star :)

Amy said...

Emily, I want your life. You have the best ideas for outdoor play! Bathing suits and trampolines yesterday? Barbecue? All this with a newborn? You are wonder woman.

Sue said...

Never a dull moment over there!


Anonymous said...

very cute bikini! since when do you have a swing set?? that is awesome :)