"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 16, 2012

underwear & red sparkle shoes {pee}

underwear for brennan.
a diaper with red sparkle shoes for max.
that may or may not be from last night.
typical morning at the gibson home.
good thing everybody dressed wasn't one of my goals.
good thing spring is bringing summer again this week.
poor chase got max's stuffy nose.
it is sad.
sleeping in the bouncer seems to be the only thing to help. 
which we didn't figure out until 5am.
getting peed on is just part of my day.
me, not chase.
although he usually pees on himself in the process of peeing on me.
sometimes i change, sometimes i don't.
i always change chase...ok, not always.
it really just depends on if it puddles or not.
don't judge.
pee is like water around here.
happy monday:)


Amy said...

We are potty training around these parts. I get peed on nearly every day right now. She sits on my lap and pees, then says "Oops. I peed, Mommy! I peed!" Its a good thing they are so darn cute, hu? My girl, also no clothes. No pants at least until she can stop peeing on everything and start using the potty. Sigh. You always make me laugh. Love the photos. Sorry about the passing of the cold torch.

Sue said...

Poor little guy. Hope he recovers quickly!


jen said...

Evie has the same red sparkle shoes and wears the same accessory often. Love red sparkle shoes.

becca said...

hehe the life of a mom i've progressed to the syage where everything i do is wrong yep you guessed it a tween on my hands soon to be ateenager

Emmy said...

Yes baby pee is so innocent. And Max has quite the look! :)