"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the deep blue

 i am not a souvenir buying kind of gal.
in fact,
i haven't ever purchased a souvenir at any place i take the kids regularly.
when we were in grad school we couldn't have any extras.
now that sean's a working man we've tried to keep our old budgeting habits.
but when i spotted the white plastic polar bears today,
i knew i wouldn't be able to contain myself.
a new exhibit,
first zoo outing with chase
{he was so impressed}
and a good night's sleep 
left me in an extra good mood.
the kind of mood that buys something small in the gift shop.
but by the time i realized they made loud squeaking sounds it was too late.
the kids were already sold.
and my credit card had already been swiped.
the good thing was that i knew where my children were the entire rest of the day.
the bad thing was that so did everyone else.
when we went into the giraffe house i turned to brooke and said loudly,
"what kind of mom buys her child such obnoxious toys?!"
very judgemental like.
i'm the one, thank you very much:)
and then we discussed the best way to get those squeakers broken.
the fastest way possible.
any suggestions?
all applicants will be considered.
i need a fan with misters installed on my back patio 
for the rest of the summer.
or on my back.


Kindra said...

Sometimes toys in our house magically get "lost" until a later date when mommy is in an exceptionable generous mood! And..I won't lie sometimes they get lost for good!

Sue said...

What a fun day! Squeakers and all...


PS. My kids used to have squeaking whales from Sea World.

Amy said...

You are so funny, seriously crack me up. Love that you were being all judgmental to yourself. Funny girl.