"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday nights

learning about being a good sport is rough when you're 4 years old.
because really,
no one likes to go back to the cupcake
when they're only two spaces away from candy castle.
i'd cry too.
{also, did you know that when you land on licorice,
you're stuck there for one turn after? me neither.
amazing what secrets lay in the rule book.}
i love watching my kids learn and grow.
struggling through difficulties like going from first to last in candy land.
and helping them through it.
i love sunday nights.
when the sun comes in through my front windows,
and makes the room bright and warm.
just as long as my AC is working, that is.
which it is:)
so i'm good.


jen said...

We've played more rounds of this lately than I think I've played the rest of my life combined. Still tantrums at five. Just sayin'.

Amy said...

Aaaaaaah, that is so hard! Candy land is a hard game in that aspect. Sunday afternoons in your home are just what they should be; beautiful, peaceful and cozy.

Sue said...

Just when I thought I was finally through with Candyland, I became a grandma....


Emmy said...

Oh Candyland drives me crazy. Lucas freaks and Alex cheats. She stacks the deck for real