"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

kid's day {playing house}

gibbies playing
"daddy comes home from work,"
starring brennan as 'the daddy'
and max as 'the kid'
this morning when i was unloading the dishwasher,
brennan started chattering.
{i love the way he refers to past, present, and future events:
"lots of minutes ago, last dark day, next sunny day,
long days ago, lots of dark days ago," etc}
and so he says to me this morning,
"last days ago was mommy's day,
next day is daddy's day,
then it's kid's day.
kid's day is next?
i mean boy's day.
when is that?"
and i just laughed b/c when it comes to taking turns,
this kid is a superstar.
he knows his turn is next as long as can just wait a minute for it to come.
so of course,
with all of these mother's and father's days occurring,
there must be a kid's day coming next.
very reasonable thinker.
love him.
all i could think of is that every day is kid's day,
he just doesn't know it:)


Gilbert Family said...

the last picture has got to be the sweetest one ever!

Sue said...

Those last two pictures are some of the cutest I've seen on your blog, which is saying a LOT.


Amy said...

Those photos are so tender! I once asked my Mom about a kids day, and she said all the holidays are kids days. Especially Halloween. That might be why it is now my favorite holiday. I never thought of that! Hahaha