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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

glitter in the air

{aka Pioneer Day}
is a big "to do" in utah.
i dare say it's a second 4th of july.
all to celebrate the pioneers coming into the valley of the Great Salt Lake back in 1847. 
church communities and businesses build floats for the parade,
all broadcast on local television channels.
like the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
but in july.
it's quite the spectacle.
and one of my favorite summer traditions.
you can go to the preview party the week before and vote on your favorite floats.
andrea's float was there.
and second to her's being my favorite was the ice cream float.
where we got to sample free soft serve ice cream.
winner for my kids.
minus max who was upset that hers spilled on her skirt,
and then decided she didn't want any of it at all.
{wah, wah, wah}
more for meeeeeeeeeee:)
chase sampled his several hours later...you know...
check out the CTR oreo,
{for "Choose The Right"--classic Mormon saying}
and the sliced caramel apple dipped in sprinkles.
no detail was left unattended.
the rootbeer float even had bubbles spewing out of the top.
if there was one theme that all the floats had in common, 
it was 
and i'm a girl that is fond of glitter.
{oh how glitter reminds me of my cheerleading days}
everything sparkled.
it was BEEEE-UUU-tiful.
i can't wait to see them all shining in the sun 
next tuesday morning. 
from the comfort of my family room couches:)
yet another reason why i love living in utah.
it's a state holiday,
so sean gets the day off of work.
bring on the BBQ.
and swimming.
and cotton candy.
and chocolate dipped cones.
and snow cones.
and sunscreen.
and flotation devices.
and sleeping in {child willing}.
{max was standing next to brennan above. 
she refused to put her little face in its designated banana split whipped cream spot.
or Marciano cherry spot. whichever.}
the wishing well.
where brennan wished to be spiderman.
love him.
and then we said ALOHA,
as in goodbye.
and everyone went home to take a nap.
me included.
is it next tuesday yet??!!


Sue said...

It'd be cool to be in Utah for July 24th one year. We celebrate it here, of course, but they do it up way more, I'm sure.


Emmy said...

Love that he wished to be spiderman! And yes the 24th is very big there