"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 20, 2012

the secret of bees

{watermelons start with their stripes. imagine that.}
it appears the bees are good listeners.
b/c we officially have watermelons AND pumpkins growing.
and we are also growing three fine human beings.
sean and i.
the human beings.
all three of them.
it just amazes me how they start out so small.
take SO much time and effort to grow.
and then one day they're not as small.
they're bigger.
like they grew overnight.
more defined.
longer hair.
brennan telling me he's brave for PG "woovies,"
even though i think some are too scary.
and i just wish for time to freeze.
to pause this moment in our lives.
with the garden out back.
rows of corn,
pumpkin patches,
tomato plants growing.
the kids squealing on the tramp.
brennan chasing max until she cries and laughs all at once.
chase chuckling when i tickle his chest.
smiling at me with his baby blues.
trips to get shave ice before bed.
max only referring to herself as a mermaid,
always shouting out the "love him!!!" line in a very dramatic fashion 
{head tilted} 
when she watches the little mermaid
{where king Triton finds Ariel lusting over her life size sculpture of prince eric.} 
and brennan not responding until you call him "spiderman brennan."
running outside to see birds flying in a V,
and helicopters soaring overhead.
the impossible feeling of exhaustion when the day just won't end.
it's all like a dream.
but it's not.

i'm just so glad it's not:)
{although, i wouldn't mind a little more dreaming where i am actually asleep.}


becca said...

your little ones are so adorable

Sue said...

You are reminding me every day how much fun it all was. And making me feel more than a little nostalgic, too.


Amy said...

I love that photo of Chase with the doll in his carrier. He looks a little disconcerted, and then he got over it. What memories you are creating. What glorious days you create for those kids of yours. And I have GOT to find a great shave ice shack out here. That looks so good!

Emmy said...

Yes you really are at such a great stage in life. And yea for the great garden!