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Sunday, July 15, 2012

carrot top {not chase}

{max's face says it all.}
that's it?
brennan fell flat on his bottom after he yanked our first carrot from the ground tonight.
so much gusto:)
i've never grown carrots before.
so not knowing about things of this matter i called my dad.
he told me that the tops are supposed to be 8-10" tall when they're ready.
and that it couldn't hurt to just pull one out and see if it was ready.
i'm sure he told me more, but my memory is just not so good anymore.
from the looks of it there is more to it than just carrot top height.
so after we gave that mini carrot a good looking over,
i stuck it right back from where it came from.
and felt pretty happy that i finally knew what was going on under all of that dirt.
actual orange carrots growing.
looks can be deceiving.
lesson learned.


Amy said...

What a cute tiny carrot! I cannot imagine the patience needed to grow carrots. I would have a very hard time not pulling them up every so often trying to see what they were doing. I love Max's dress. So cute. Did your mom bring it to her from HI?

Sue said...


That's a pretty dinky carrot there.


Erin Ellsworth said...

its bigger than the ones in my garden!

Erin Ellsworth said...

its bigger than the ones in my garden!