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Sunday, July 8, 2012

stacked summer

my mother in law served us "stackers" a few weeks ago.
her favorite summer meal.
one that she has always made for her family.
well in nine years of knowing her i couldn't believe i had never been introduced!
bless her for this lovely:)
it is now my favorite go to meal.
think taco salad, minus the meat.
i give you...

cook a pot of rice. {1-2 cups rice with 1-2 cups water}
cook package of spaghetti sauce
{i just bought it at the store--add water and tomato sauce},
but any bottled spaghetti sauce would work as well.
chop up lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and any other veggies you like.
crush a can of olives with your fingers.
shred cheese.

lay out the lettuce.
next the rice.

top with cheese {gets all melty on the hot rice, YUM}.

top with veggies.

top with spaghetti sauce.
{i know it sounds weird, but it's so good and light}

garnish with sour cream and fritos.
reasons why i love this meal:
1. i prepared it in UNDER 30 minutes, and if you don't count the rice cooking then it was only 15 min.
2. cleaned it up in 10 minutes {cutting board, knife, pot, plates, silverware--awesome}
3. meatless {i love meat, but i love a good meatless night once a week}
4. sour cream and fritos--YUM
5. shredded cheese--YUM
6. light and easy=perfect for summer
7. my kids love it AND they can stack it themselves {mucho FUN-O}

the sunset made our street glow pink the other night.
right after it had rained all day.
i stood outside on the humid summer night.
no cars driving around.
just quiet.
with birds chirping in the trees.
pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and oranges in the sky.
there was beauty all around.


Amy said...

What a pretty sunset! That rain was magnificent, want it? I was in love. And what a simple meal. So easy and it looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

That sounds yummy. I would never have thought of spaghetti sauce!


Emmy said...

My mouth started watering more and more with every picture! That does sound like a good meal

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Your food always looks so yummy!!!