"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 13, 2012

dreaming {biting t-rex}

{my mom came home from Kauai this morning with REAL Hawaiian slippers for me.}
thanks mom!
last night i had a bad dream.
so did brennan.
he didn't want to talk about it,
but just said he didn't ever want to dream again.
so this morning after i nursed chase, 
brennan came in rubbing his eyes.
and i told him about how in my bad dream an airplane crashed on the mountain,
and it was really sad.
{what i didn't tell him was that i ran over to the crash, 
but i wasn't really running, 
it was more like gliding, 
right over a huge valley, 
you know how dreams are,
and i saw the plane completely charred from the plane being on fire,
even a baby seat.
no bodies.
just empty burned seats.
i woke up feeling sick.
and scared that my mom's plane from Hawaii had crashed over night.
i'm paranoid like that.
but it didn't.
she is fine.
it was just a dream.}
so i told him that a plane crashed into a mountain,
and that it was scary.
and then he decided to tell me about his dream.
and he was excited about it in his voice.
very energetic like he says,
"there was a T-REX in my room
and it bit my hand,
and my penis,
and my OTHER hand!
and i never want to dream ever again."
and i couldn't help but laugh
b/c t-rex's and t-rex's biting you in important places 
are obviously his biggest fears at the age of 4.
poor little guy.
he also told me he never wants it to be a dark day again.
just sunny days,
so we can keep our eyes open all sunny days,
no dark days,
so we don't have to dream anymore.


becca said...

having dino's bite you in places is scary i agree no more dark days

Kindra said...

I am laughing so hard! That is adorable and of course very scary!

Sue said...

Hate those p-biting t-rexes.


Amy said...

You are such a clever mom! I love how you got him to tell you his scary dream. And your dream, well, I can imagine the sick sinking feeling in your stomach to see that. *shudder*
Funny that last night Faye had a nightmare and so did I. Must be something in the air.