"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, July 9, 2012

thumbs down

i had mono in college.
and after having it in college i'm pretty sure i had it my senior year of high school too.
it's a virus that is either dormant or active.
this is what the instacare doc told me in rexburg after he swabbed my cheek and confirmed it.
so you can get it more than once.
and folks,
i think it's back again.
it's more than taking care of three kids tired.
it's more than nursing baby chase once in the night tired.
it's sleep 8 hours with a half an hour intermission,
nap in the afternoon,
and STILL feel like i haven't slept in a year,
tired down in the depths of my bones,
mono tired.
and it all starts with a sore throat.
which i had for a good 2 weeks last month.
right when the deep tired began.
so maybe it isn't mono,
b/c anything self diagnosed just feels NOT credible,
but man,
it sure feels like it.
i cut my thumb putting the milk away this morning.
monday indeed.


Sue said...

Sorry you're feeling so punk and hope you are much better before long.

New moms with older kids can get so run down! Maybe you need a little break where you can get lots of rest.


Lisalulu said...

mmm just 'mom' rundown!!! and your senior year of high school WAS not kind to you physically!!!

Brooke said...

You'd know best what it feels like then! You going to the doctor to find out? Sorry to hear it!

Brooke said...

Sad to hear this! The last thing you need! Are you going to the doctor to find out for sure?

Amy said...

Is that a ninja turtles bandaid? Its not that I don't care about the mono, I do, but I have to know about the bandaid! And how did the milk cut you? Monday indeed! And being tired all the time? I am so sorry! Especially because your older kids don't nap so much. I hope you feel better soon...

but is it Ninja Turtles?!

Emmy said...

Oh no!! That does not sound good. I hope you are start feeling better soon. Being a mom is hard at times anyways let alone when you are totally tired