"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MARRY jane {spiderman love}

yesterday brennan and i sat on the couch eating peaches.
watching 101 dalmations.
the babies were napping.
he told me he was spiderman brennan 
{we may have to actually change his name to that on his birth certificate}
and then he asked me who i was.
i told him mary jane.
{isn't that her name in the one that came out ten years ago?}
he dropped the mary part, and just called me jane.
then he asked me "what do you do jane?"
i told him i help spiderman fight bad guys.
and i love spiderman.
and he said i wasn't allowed to love him b/c he didn't want to marry me.
and i said, "but i'm your mom!"
and he said,
"no, you're jane, and i don't want to marry you. 
just help me fight bad guys. that's what you do."
and i said,
but i love you.
and he said, 
"ok ok ok, you can be my mom again and love me.
just don't be jane and love me b/c i don't want to MARRY jane."
i love watching him be a little boy.
the happiest little multi-super hero there ever was.


becca said...

aw how cute i love he is two super hero's in one

Amy said...

Cutest photo ever! And conversation. Though you are lucky. I have a hard time convincing my little man he can't marry me. He wants to a lot. I hope he loves me that much even when he is a teen. Not enough that he wants to marry me, but enough that he wants to be with me all the time. But I am sure it is wishful thinking. And he doesn't want to Marry Jane is stinking funny!!!

Sue said...


So cute.