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Monday, August 13, 2012

harvest days '12

saturday was the harvest day's parade.
it is our favorite.
b/c grandma & grandpa casper's house is on the route.
and it starts at 10am.
{early parades just don't work for us.}
so we roll out of bed.
drive in from the back.
and enjoy the festivities.
our favorite part is when they pass out otter pops, 
and the motor police do synchronized motorcycle driving tricks:)
andrea's float was in this parade too.
it won another award.
the harvest spirit award.
i can't believe how much max has grown.
{i found out i was pregnant with chase the morning of last year's parade.}
for last year's parade,
click here.


becca said...

what fun

Sue said...

What a cool community!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, summer is nearly over! I can't believe it, but with a harvest parade it is hard to deny it. Your kids are getting so big! And how lucky are you to have a potty house on the parade route!