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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

trick or treat!

my mother in law and i went halloween costume shopping last weekend.
she is quite the seamstress,
so sean and i have enlisted her help for our costumes this year.
i don't think sean will ever let me live down the year i made him be a fire hydrant.
for years past.
oh i just can't wait!
is it halloween yet??!!


Sue said...

We're sure coming up on it fast! And I'm more than ready!!


becca said...

no please don't rush it i'm still trying to deal with summer being over

Amy said...

I walked into Michael's last week and let out a squeal. Their Halloween decor is out! I can't wait to see what you are going to be for Halloween. You have such great costume ideas!

beck said...

Ryan started out our first halloween ever as Popeye, then it was a pirate, but slowly but surely its gone to a cactus and then a volcano the past two years. I'm sure he can't wait to find out this year's masterpiece. I just love that he does it so willingly and then gets into character with face paint (and when I say face paint i mean face, neck, ears, you name it). If he's gonna be a cactus or a volcano he's gonna do it 110% and make it believable to the point his poor son can't recognize him. Can't wait to see your costumes! Personally I'm not even going to think about Halloween until October I'm enjoying summer! It only arrived in Oregon in July.

R & L said...

Speaking of Halloween, do you know where a good place to get that adorable skeleton shirt you had last year? I will be needing one of those this year... :)