"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Voldemort on the back of my head

brennan has been referring to me as 
"sweetheart and honey."
"thanks sweetheart"
"hey honey, you're great."
{sometimes he winks and gives me the shooter hand point with this one too.}
and then last week he wanted me to look at something he was doing.
i had already been watching him, 
and knew what he was trying to show me b/c i'd seen him do it five times already, 
but was looking at something else now that he wanted to make sure he was showing me.
so when i said,
"yep, i saw, awesome"
the following conversation occurred...
brennan: "mom, you can't see if you're not looking!"
me: "i have eyes in the back of my head. all mom's do."
brennan: "WOAH. just like that guy from harry potter."
and then he casually went on with his day.
envisioning Voldemort on the back of my head.
have mercy.


Sue said...

Thanks for the cute story, sweetheart.
You are such a honey.


becca said...

haha that's so cute

Emmy said...

I have told my kids many times I have eyes on the back of my head as yes, moms do.

Amy said...

So funny! I remember thinking my mom had eyes in all parts of the house. She always seemed to know what I was doing, even if I was in a separate part of the house from her. Now I understand it! :)