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Sunday, November 25, 2012

twinkling {the glow}

my house is beginning to twinkle!
max said "WOOOOW" when i plugged the lights in yesterday.
eyes looking straight up to the top.
like she was standing at the bottom of mt. everest.
for me too.
i've been advised to hold off on purchasing our real tree for the big room.
to avoid having to get a second real tree if the first one dies to early.
i told sean i want a big tall one,
nice and full.
fat, i dare say.
and so this year i will proudly display three trees in all.
a fact which brennan said, "not true!!!"
and i said, "yes true!"
and he said, "i WUV that idea."
b/c i just love the glow of lights on a christmas tree.
especially when the their dimming is the only light to fill the room.
it is my favorite christmas decoration.
no ornaments necessary on these two.
just standing in their twinkling glowing glory is enough for me.
glory be!
i can't wait to put up tree #3.

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Amy said...

:D You are such a fun mom. I love how you talk to your kids. You just make me smile. You are good for my soul, Emily. Just thought you might like to know that.