"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 15, 2012

i backed out of my garage with the door closed last friday night.

i love where i live.
i love being alive.
i can't imagine heaven being any better,
but i know it is going to be.
i hope there are snowy days in heaven.
last weekend i backed out of my garage.
yep, i'm awesome.
there was no saving the door.
the car did not have a scratch.
can't say i was too disappointed though,
b/c i've had my eye on a silent door for two years.
when sean came out to see what in the heck the loud crash was a week ago friday night,
i leaned my head out of the window and was all,
"well, that's one way to get what i wanted!"
really cute, with a great big smile.
both of our mouths were dropped open to the floor,
eyes REALLY big,
and then we burst out laughing.
b/c in situations like these you can either laugh or cry,
and we usually try to just laugh.
cry later if you must.
sean couldn't even give me a hard time b/c he did the same thing last year.
but his was so minor that we just pushed it back into place with our bums and big arm muscles.
mine pushed the entire bottom half of the door out into our front lawn.
and we couldn't even get it up or down at first.
but then muscle man sean managed to wrestle the door like a crocodile hunter up so i could get out, and then down again when i got back, but that baby wasn't going back into its track.
so clark and john 
{not the car guy john, another john} 
came over to build me a new garage door this morning.
clark has been doing garage doors with john and my uncle for over twenty years.
my uncle has a garage door business in st. george, 
and doesn't have all of his fingers b/c so many doors have chopped them off.
i'm not kidding.
he's a hard core garage door guy like that.
so if you need a guy,
my uncle bob's guy.
like a REALLY good one.
clark steffes.
{with Martin Garage Doors-the safest AND most quiet doors you can buy}.
so call him,
if you ever back out of your garage with the garage door closed.
or if your husband does.
or if your spring breaks.
or if you just want a silent door that doesn't shake your entire house when you open and close the garage.
while clark and john built us a new garage,
with fancy etching and antique hinges,
we all played in the freshly fallen 6" of snow.
chase ray was mesmerized.
brennan built a jenny craig snowman with our neighbor brad.
max ate about a gallon of snow.
sean shoveled the walks.
and i enjoyed the snowflakes falling on my nose and eyelashes holding chase.
the most beautiful, quiet sound,
are snowflakes falling.
as quiet as my garage door.
i'm so sad i backed into my old garage door.
maybe not.
i love his blonde eye lashes.
his bright blue eyes.
and his little button nose.
i AM certainly glad it snowed the entire day.
snowy day:)
and no matter how hard any day gets.
no matter what catastrophe happens that i think is a big deal.
or however much i think my troubles are tough,
everything is ok,
as long as i am with my family at the end of the day.
i weap for the families in Connecticut.
and the mothers and fathers who don't get to take care of their babies tonight.


becca said...

LOL.. I love your awesomeness so happy the car was fine. how cute are the kids playing in the snow just like little snow bunnies

Sue said...

Door looks GREAT. We kinda need a new one ourselves.

Maybe I'll use your same method....


Amy said...

What a way to get what you want! :)
I love the snow pictures. Adorable.