"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 17, 2012


when 20 pound chase ray wouldn't eat his breakfast yesterday morning,
i knew it had to be an ear infection.
or teething.
but i was hoping it was an ear infection.
5 days of not sleeping,
and a fever on and off
meant none of us were in a good mood.
{i was halfway to crazy.}
and i knew some amoxicillin could put us all in a good mood fast.
the garlic drops weren't working fast enough,
so we sent the family off to church,
and chase and i went to the doc.
it wasn't just one,
but TWO
ear infections.
i clapped for joy, and the doctor on call looked at me funny,
but good grief,
i was just so excited it was something and not nothing.
he spent the rest of his day catching up on his sleep.
and i spent the rest of the day feeling grateful that i am only dealing with lost sleep and ear infections.
i still can't turn on the news.


Sue said...

Sometimes an antibiotic is the only thing that works.

And I'm trying to stay away from the TV, too.


Amy said...

A double ear infection?! Yuck! I hope he is feeling better by now.