"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 10, 2012

fish bone. {AND it's GIGI's BDAY!}

this weekend my kids opened their letters from santa.
i just can't get over how fun it was to get a letter back from the REAL santa:)
my aunt tracy is in town for GIGI's birthday.
she came over to squish baby chase's chubby legs,
and taught me how to "fish bone."
we talked about how she says that's its real name,
but all of "us girls now" call it a fish tail.
we all agreed it was the easiest braid you'll ever do,
and looks fancy in a jiffy.
we also talked about chicken poop for my garden soil.
she swears by it.
i promised her i would pick some up in the spring to rotatille it to fertilize my vegetables.
then we talked about how messy hair is in right now,
and about how much we love making smoothies with kale in them.
it was grand.
 "FISH BONE" tails.
aunt tracy did mom's to teach me.
i did max's to make sure i had it down.
there's just something great about braiding hair that is so relaxing.
over a nice long chat.
can't wait to eat chocolate cake with you NEXT year too;)


Amy said...

Letters FROM Santa?! How does that work? What magic you create with the little details, Emily.
I still wish I knew how to do that braid. Everyone tells me it is easy, but I have never figured it out. And then I cut Faye's hair, so will have to wait a bit before I can have hair long enough to practice on. Then again, we could use her pony's hair for practice... :)

Sue said...

I love braids in girls' hair. All kinds of braids, but especially French ones.