"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

toilet bowl swimmers

tonight these poor chaps went for a dip in the toilet bowl.
sean and i were in the kitchen wishing we were smooching when we heard the toilet flush upstairs.
it's just not normal for people around these parts to be flushing toilets in general,
let alone the toilet bowl upstairs.
"breeeeennnaaaaannnn??? what did you flush?"
"um, nothing, NOT toys!"
and so i started making my way upstairs to get the skinny.
i found a sopping wet floor and dripping toys.
it took me a few minutes before i figured it out,
but when brennan fessed up that it was "paper toilet" they flushed when they tried to save the swimmers it all started coming together.
"did you put the toys in the toilet bowl?!"
"yes, they wanted to swim!"
look down to my left and see max sucking on the sparkle Ariel's head.
"did max put the tiny Ariel in the toilet bowl water???!!!"
"yep! she loves swimming! we want to take a bath now!"
and so i threw all of the toilet bowl swimmers into the sink,
stripped everyone down,
including the Oreo mustache faced baby man chase ray,
and got to scrubbing.
max has had quite the year with germs in her mouth.
i guess we'll find out if our toilet bowl is actually cleaner than the kitchen sink.

the neighbor gifts have started coming.
i almost love the giving more than receiving,
but it's a close call b/c the receiving makes me feel so warm.
i LOVE this time of year!
 a forest of chocolate with marshmallow puff frosting and poinsettias for my table.
"it's the MOST wonderful time of the year!"


Amy said...

She is on a quest to build up that immune system this year, right?

Sue said...

Those cupcakes are way cute.

The toilet diving? Not so much.