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Sunday, January 27, 2013

chase's ears are BAD.

{last friday}
chase's ears are BAD.
that's what this paper means.
after 4 rounds and 2 whole months on antibiotics, 
the kid still has fluid behind his ears.
the straight dark line across the bottom of his ear test up there in mindee's hands means fluid.
there should have been a pretty bell curve.
instead, we got straight lines.
and i must say i am relieved.
ecstatic in fact!
which is why mindee is smiling.
b/c now we know,
without a doubt,
the antibiotics don't work on his ears.
the garlic drops don't work on his ears.
but the tubes,
THEY will work on his ears.
hooray for tuesday and the ENT doc. 
hooray for an easy fix.
and a not so big of a deal problem we are almost through.
until then, another double ear infection will be festering,
so it's just gonna be about pain management.
such a trooper that baby man is.
{this is about how our entire january has gone. come on february, you can do better!}


Sue said...

Tubes are a great thing when you really need him. As my brother did.

And now, Chase!


Amy said...

Your counter looks like a pharmacy! And I am so glad the tubes are working, but how hard to have to go through that.