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Monday, January 28, 2013

there are no small parts, only small actors {FHE & strep throat}

tonight the kids searched through the dress up bin for their family night costumes.
samuel the lamanite was what sean picked to teach us about.
everyone was SO excited about the bows and arrows.
brennan wore his red lightening bolt cape with his bow,
max wore her Cinderella princess dress, with TWO purses, a tiara, a batman mask, and a bow.
brennan always gets to be the main character b/c no one else cares but him.
max always wants to be the princess in the story.
even though there is never really a princess,
we let her think there is.
and 9 times out of 10 chase is already asleep by the time we get to it.
so sean threw little people up the stairs at samuel the lamanite,
max shot arrows with her bow,
and i was the believer that had a big line of "i believe!"
there are no small parts.
only small actors.
sean read the story off of the back of the picture scripture story.
{the kids ask every day if it's family night now--SO awesome}.
and then i scooped bowls of ice cream with brownies on top for everyone.
everyone was in bed late, but that's just how family night has to be.
and i love it.
have to get every last drop.
this is crucial.
i love his little neck.
"strongly positive for strep"
and a blood pressure of 100/64 {that's normal for me and no i don't feel light headed.}
that's what they tell me.
what can i say, i was feeling left out.
{#i must have picked my nose at the grocery store or something.}
{#not really!}
the sun was out all day.
it was amazing.
my lungs were finally free!
and max finally got to swing and slide in our backyard.
dream come true.
blue skies, warm sun, and crunchy thick snow.
the best part of a utah winter.
{i could do without the strep throat.}


becca said...

love the family play how cute

Amy said...

You seriously have the best FHE activities!