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Sunday, January 27, 2013

the freezing rain post

{it looks like it's wet, but it's not wet. it's ICE. 
on everything. everywhere. aka we have been in a frozen tundra}
see the front porch steps?
thursday brought freezing rain to the salt lake valley.
what is this you ask?
side affects from what feels like the worst inversion utah has ever seen.
see there's us down here on the ground in all of our little homes and cars.
and then there's a layer of never ending SMOG hanging over above us.
that traps freezing cold air down on top all of us.
above the SMOG there are beautiful clear blue WARM skies.
where the clouds are.
so the clouds, above the smog, make rain 
b/c it's not cold enough up there to make snow where all of the warm air is above the smog.
{the january thaw--40* and melting snow}.
so the rain falls down out of the clouds in the warm air,
THROUGH the smog,
and INTO the 20 degree inversion temps in the valley,
and FREEZES on contact with the roads, bridges, and freeways.
and we are not talking black ice.
we are talking a sheet of ice.
on everything.
that looks like wet rain.
the airport was closed and different parts of our major freeway in the valley the entire day.
two days later there was thick fog like we were in san francisco.
crazy crazy weather.
3 out of 5 gibson's can't get better from our colds.
going on 3 weeks.
smog, smog,
go away,
don't come back another day.
that goes for you too freezing rain.


Sue said...

Yeah, that smog stinks. Hope it clears out soon!


Amy said...

I am so sad, but I completely missed the freezing rain. A historic moment, and I missed it. Lucky.