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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

pressure (!) {LOVE YOUR CAR!}

(!) on my car=low tire pressure.
your car may be different.
but just know that today (!) means low tire pressure.
my little (!) wouldn't go off.
and john has taught me that (!) on my car is like driving your car through sand.
and you don't want your car driving through sand.
b/c your car doesn't want to drive through the sand.
it's bad for the steering.
and it's bad for the alignment.
so after ignoring the (!) for a month,
i finally decided that i would just go already.
but who really has time to fix their (!) ??!!
i do, thanks to john.
{remember, (!) means tire pressure on my car}.
so we dropped brennan off at preschool and flew into Ray's Garage at 12:52pm, 
with chase babbling in the back and max in her "bow-way" stuff.
we had about 3 minutes to make it to "bow-way" class by 1.
at 12:55 we were back on our way,
minus the (!).
that's what i was thinking.
so if your car is doing (!),
{or whatever your car does to tell you your tire pressure is low},
you should stop by Ray's Garage.
John will even fix your car in the snow.
tell him i told you to DEMAND he fix your car in the snow.
{but only if it's your (!)...b/c i don't want to get into too much trouble here}
and since you are already there,
you might as well get your coolant checked with how cold it's been this winter,
and then you should probably just get your oil changed too.
b/c you're already there and all.
and it IS almost February.
or let John love it for you.
at Ray's.
Call John today!

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Amy said...

That is seriously fast service! Lucky you to live so close to such a great garage.