"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 21, 2013

how we spent our MLK day.

so when you do your radon test on a friday,
and plan to mail it in on a monday.
make sure that the monday is not a holiday.
with the post office closed.
but if you did do your radon test on a friday,
and the post office is closed on a monday,
don't worry,
you still have 24 hours before you have to mail it in anyway.
how we spent our MLK day,
NOT going to the post office:) 

we stayed in our pa-jaaaahhhh-mas until 11:30, 
only got dressed b/c cade called.

max waves goodbye to spiderman brennan as he walks to cade's house, 
where he spent the ENTIRE day. god bless susie swensen.
max was in boots, brennan's coat, and her underwear only. it reminded me of swim team in high school--man i loved those deck coats in the fog at swim meets. then she asked to stay outside and play after, and protested on the front porch for 5 min, even after i closed the front door on her. 
my utah kids and their thick blood don't care if it's 12 degrees outside, and they're only in their underwear. 
i LOVE it! but that doesn't mean i want to stand out there in my underwear. 
even though i had on pants. 
and a shirt for that matter. 
this isn't where i was going with this.
chase helped me with laundry.
and then he found the potty.
and the potty water.
and helping me with laundry was over.
 {crimpy hair from her braids yesterday.}
and then max climbed into her crib while i was nursing chase,
and fell asleep for two hours.
and woke up happy and smiling,
and asking if i wanted to "pay wit" her? {play with}
and then she lined up her ponies on the kitchen table and ate peanut butter toast and sliced pears,
and asked to watched ariel.
and i made chili.
the end.


becca said...

aw potty water the object of many hour of fun for a child

Amy Involuntary said...

Scrumptious day! Nice and lazy and happy. The best kind. Isn't it wonderful when kids all if you will play with them and you can say "yes!"?

Sue said...

She looks so cute with her crimped hair.