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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

letters to Beth {GUM dreams & bras}

Dear Beth,
last night i had a dream that i was buying you bath salts for a bubble bath at harmon's. when i got back to your dorm room {we were back in college again, but we had our babies with us. not our older kids, just our babies, but they weren't really there we just knew they were--and you never even lived in dorms when i knew you, and the dorm was attached to harmon's, and it was BIG dorm room, so this is all weird anyway--dreams, sheesh}. anyway, when i got back to your dorm room your mom was vacuuming the carpet--there was TONS of dog hair, like TWO INCHES thick on the carpet--i am just now realizing the symbolism of the thick HAIR and you--are you laughing yet??? b/c i'm laughing really hard at how smart was brain was while i was sleeping to dream about bath salts, vacuuming, and thick animal hair with you. HAHAHAHA!!!!! SO your mom had a yellow dyson ball vacuum  and she was all "see, just like that! look at how great it sucks!" and she did the entire room, and the edges, and then told me i paid too much for the bath salts. and then chase woke up needing at bottle at 2:45am and my dream with you ended, and then i dreamt about my friend linsey sleeping over at my house, and then i was home and this girl that i used to cheer lead with, melissa goulet was walking through my front door, and then all of a sudden i was going boating to this private beach island, and then i was back at a hotel at the boat dock and i ran into this boy named terrance that i went to middle school and high school with, and i told him that i had run into my old boyfriend there earlier, and then his older sister told me she reads my blog, and that she couldn't believe i was still nursing chase, and then we were in this elevator with mirrors on every side, and i couldn't talk right b/c i had all of this super sticky gum in my mouth {i have this gum in mouth in dreams ALL OF THE TIME. it is SO ANNOYING.}. i think it's always white gum, but it's so sticky and thick, and i can't get it off of my teeth. it gets all stuck, and i have to use my fingers to pull it out throughout the entire dream {this part is the same every time}, and it never really gets out by the end of the dream, but after awhile it gets out enough to where i can talk normal, and for the first time last night IN my dream i decided to just throw the gum out so i wouldn't chew it ever again, but i never got home {that's where i remember thinking the gum was that i needed to throw out}, and i don't know if my brain ever officially THREW the gum away, so it might still be there waiting for me in my next dream. i have 2-3 VIVID dreams like this every night, and i always wake up and remember all of the details, except for once or twice a year when i don't. sean has about ONE dream a year that he remembers ever. do you have dreams like this? do you remember your dreams? what do you think the gum is all about?

and, i didn't quit nursing. i love the after you nurse part too much. change of plans. back at it again, but only for 3 times a day b/c i just dont have enough milk for 4 times, so i feed him a bottle of formula in the afternoon after his nap. he only drinks about 3 ounces, and then he just wants cheese and carrots with little puffs in his high chair.

and last but not least, my two favorite things my kids said to me yesterday:

#1...while brennan was soaping up his body with a luffa full of bubble soap he says, "buttcrack is my favorite word. i can hold my breath for 30 minutes! i can, yep, i really can."...and then he let me wash the conditioner out of his hair and asked if he could play with my phone while i got max out of the bath. oh and this morning he told me "max thinks she is the queeeeeeeen of this house, but SHE'S not."

#2...max starts ballet today. she calls it "bow-way". it's the cutest cutest thing. i braided her hair for her. she and i went to target last night by ourselves, and left the boys at home, to pick out a little pink leotard and black tights. the bras were right by the dance stuff. a big display of neon colors for teenage girls, and max walks up to a bright blue one with polka dots and goes, "i need these for my boobs."

i hope you have a great day! and don't have any dreams about gum in your mouth. what the heck is that all about anyway??? it's gotta be all of that radon from the mountains. still haven't gotten our results yet. i've actually forgotten about it completely, except when i remember.

OH and i made chocolate pudding at 10:30pm last night, and then paced around my kitchen and the tv room while it set up so i could eat it right before bed with whipping cream and chopped up reese's peanut butter cups. it's was AMAZEing:)
love emily

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Beth said...

you are amazing!!