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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

letters to Emily {grocery day & stuffed animals}

Dear Emily Gibson,

Today was grocery day, which is always an adventure. Ever since my Bryce gave me a bike and a bike trailer for my birthday it has been my companion every week for grocery day. I love it. I don't think about how heavy the groceries will be when I ride the bike, but when riding the strassenbahn or the bus you feel every ounce and pound you are carrying. I love to just ride free, along the beautiful rhine-necker river, viewing the castle on the hill side (yes the hills really are alive with the sound of music), and returning home with the experience completely mine. It is my time. And I do enjoy it. I love grocery day.
But today I didn't ride.
I rode.
The bus.
Not really.
The previous week Bryce and I rode our bikes up to an Abbey which is so beautiful, I wrote on my blog about it, we had hot chocolate on Christmas Eve there, and countless date nights up there. Anyway, it's great but I didn't want to have to pull Bear on the back of the bike (Smith was at school). So we switched the part to Bryce's bike (which I can't reach the petals) that attaches the bike trailer on. Anyway, I went down to ride my bike but the part was on Bryce's bike and I just didn't feel like getting tools out and switching it. So I thought, "hey, I haven't carried my groceries home by hand in a long time. Why not?"
Bad idea.
I got to the store, had my list. Gotta stick to the list! (Us girls with budgets know)
I thought I could handle it.
I walked out of the store with a backpack of produce, two full bags of meats, grains and whatever. Then two packages of diapers. Two.
I was so close to just dragging the load along the cobblestone streets to the bus but my pride gets to me in public places, and I don't want to draw too much attention to me. So, I carry them which seems like miles, get on the bus, get off the bus and I just said, that's it, I dragged them along the street to my flat the whole way! So funny!
I love that my mom sent you a package by the way!
She is hilarious. Did you know Bryce and my mom will talk on the phone for hours? I think it is great. When I was young I always knew that my husband would get along with my mother. I just knew it.
She is sending me a package as well, she calls it her mexican food package.
It is the best since it is impossible to find mexican food here in Heidelberg.
I hope you are doing well.
Have your kids all recovered from being sick?
Did you figure something out for Chase?
We ate swiss fondue tonight, with a girl from Switzerland we know. It was delicious!
Cheese fondue.
Basically anything with cheese. Right?
These are pictures I took to day. Today.
We had fun, and Bear was a in a good mood, I thought you would like these.
I played stuffed animals with Bear today, the giraffe had a brilliant idea to go on a vacation with the blue bear, the blue bear was hesitant and not convinced, so the giraffe told him all the places he would take him, like the Rhine falls in Switzerland, and the castle in Leichtenstein, the giraffe almost forgot Prague!
The blue bear said, "okay" and started to pack his things. I think the saga will continue tomorrow.
The giraffe and the blue bear are traveling Europe together tomorrow.
Let's see.
My shower will be the Rhine falls.
The couch book shelf, definitely the Liechtenstien Castle.
And my living room will be prague.
Maybe next time we can go to Thailand or something.

Anyway, I love you and hope you are having a happy motherhood day!
love you

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