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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

oh to be almost 3 {ballet}

first day of ballet.
at dinner she told us that the spinning at "bow-way" was the favorite part of her day.
she wore her ballet shoes to sleep tonight.
i took about 123 pictures.
and 3 videos.
i can't ever imagine watching her dance will get old.
she was timid at first.
needed me to sit next to her and do the stretching with her class.
then Emilia, her dance teacher, went around asking each little girl what their favorite princess name was.
the first little girl said Ariel.
max didn't need me after that.
she scooted to her carpet to stretch and warm up with all of the other little girls,
and when it got to her she named her favorite princess.
tinker bell.
that's what she said.
i was 100% positive she was going to say Ariel, 
but she must have thought she needed to be original.
or just got stage fright.
or maybe today it's changed to tinker bell.
either way,
it was the princesses that helped max do "bow-way" with me behind the observation window.
even though i was so glad i got to sit with her for the first 10 minutes of her first ballet class.
{tap was a hit too.}
{she even showed sean her "heal/toe" move on the kitchen floor when he got home from work.}
on her way out of the tap room,
she tried to go back into the ballet room for more.
and then asked me how many sleeps before it was time to come again.
oh to be almost 3.

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Amy Involuntary said...

That is too precious. Especially the ballet slippers poking out of the crib. Wow, you just made her dreams come true. What a lucky little girl she is!