"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 14, 2013

just more than dripping

at 6:44pm tonight my uncle dave called me.
to tell me to run my water all night long.
b/c my cousin's pipes froze last night.
and his house is newer than mine.
it's THAT freaky cold out.
and at the rate we've been going the last 6 months,
i'd say better safe than sorry with the pipes.
{even though the "utah's the 2nd driest state" commercials keep flashing in my brain},
so the water is running "just more than dripping" like he said.
at no extra cost.
did you know the water company charges me 
for 1,000 gallons of water every month, even if i don't use it?
this is what uncle dave was telling me while i was stirring tomato soup.
that just rubs me the wrong way.
except tonight.
and the rest of the week.
when i will be running my water just more than dripping.
so our pipes don't freeze.
or burst.
b/c even if they weren't going to,
i don't want to tempt them to.
kind of like how chase was tempting himself to dive down the little stairs tonight.
every time i turned around to flip a grilled cheese sandwich,
there chase was, making a b-line for the stairs.
so do you know what i did?
i grabbed that baby man,
and put him in a box.
a baby man in a box.
with an assortment of pint sized toys.
i didn't burn anymore grilled cheese sandwiches after that.
and he stayed in one spot for the next 30 minutes.
yes, i am aware that this is the same thing as a playpen,
but good grief i felt like a genius.
and much more original.
{at least until he figures out how to climb out.} 
man i love to smooch his toothless little baby man mouth.
i can hardly contain myself from kissing my computer screen right now.
watch out,
i might just smooch you by mistake.
brennan took chase for a few spins around the kitchen table,
boat racing max.
chase would jerk back and then lean forward, or flop to one side with every turn.
lead foot brennan isn't the smoothest of sailors.
it was pretty funny.
i loved how his little baby man face would pop up out of the top of the "boat" 
and peek at me as they passed by.
no whining or crying,
just happy to be pushed around on the ocean blue.
dear chase, hold on for dear life. 
love mom


Amy said...

I love that Max was pushing around an empty box. So funny. What fun you have!

Sue said...

Such cute pics!


Emmy said...

Oh the wonders of a box! They really can be days of fun. And wait-- why in the world do you get charged for that much water even if you don't use it?? That makes no sense.