"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, January 13, 2013

the over your underwear stuff.

the moment when you have everyone dressed for the snow and you realize no has gone pee yet.
boys have it so easy.
max and chase lasted for one run.
and really, chase just watched from his car seat.
then they both opted out for lady and tramp in the van.
heater on.
chase fell asleep.
max came back out half an hour later.
brennan went down on his penguin inner tube penguin sled head first before we even had our gloves on.
no fear.
i just knew we were going to end up in the emergency room.
we didn't.
and every time he fell off, 
he would laugh his deep chuckle laugh, 
roll over in the snow, and go back for more.
he even started carrying his sled up by himself at the end.
so proud:)
climbing up the hill is always the pits.
but it's so worth it for that 10 seconds of bliss on the ride down.
i mostly climbed up on my hands and knees.
sideways stepping.
kicking my toes into the hill.
using the grassy parts where the snow was already pushed away.
off of the grassy parts where other people's tracks made a path.
on the slick parts where the sleds already went down {this is the worst way to climb up}.
9 times out of 10 i fell onto my knees about halfway up, and sean would yell out, 
"meniscus tear!"
{i love my physical therapist!}
max's polar bear sled lasted about 20 minutes.
apparently those things have weight limits.
and grandpa gibson "ate too much," said brennan when it popped.
we all tried to see who could get the furthest out into the untouched powder.
the green sled was always the winner.
brennan was a grump about it by the end.
after about 10 times down on the penguin, i walked out into the fluffy powder with max.
we kicked the snow around with our boots.
so light it just flew up like a billion tiny snow flake feathers.
i laid down in the snow and looked up at the blue sky.
arms and legs out in the snow.
i could have laid there for an hour.
birds flying.
quiet all around.
warm in my coat and long johns.
and i just kept thinking,
"best snow on earth! BEST snow on earth!!!"
big smile on my face.
the kids lasted 1 1/2 hours.
1 hour and 20 minutes LONGER than we thought they would.

sean is a cheater.
the picture on the left is proof.
he has the grey hoodie on.
grandpa wild bill never saw it coming.
or maybe he did.
bill, brennan, sean.
{3 generations of snow tubing cheaters}
max came off of this sled saying she wanted to go again.
we all thought she'd be crying instead from the snow that flew in her face.
she was happy as a clam, asking for more.
30 minutes more.
christmas miracle!!!
in january:)
 coldest temps utah has seen in twenty years.  
it's supposed to hit -5 tonight.
the kind of cold that only a shower can warm you up from.
and makes you cough when you breathe in outside.
and then 40* hits, and the sun comes out,
and you don't even need your coat.
thank goodness for long johns.
not the fish place.
the over your underwear stuff.


Amy said...

So much fun! I need to take my kids sledding. I need to find a sled. And winter clothes. Sigh. But it is always worth it to see the delight on their faces, right? Besides, we have monster mountains of snow right now, might as well.
I love when you expect a kid to cry, and they are totally laughing because they are so delighted! Was it Max's first time sledding?

Sue said...

Good times! And some great pics, too!!