"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

letters to Beth {3 cat kind of night}

my body is finally putting its foot down.
i'm pretty excited about it:)
dear beth,
this morning i woke up with the intent to quit nursing.
something has to go, and it's gonna be that.
and boy oh boy, i haven't been so excited about something since last saturday night at harmon's {will explain THAT part later.}
i think i'll stick with the beginning of the day and the end of the day feedings until march, and then start working him into whole milk like i did with the other two.
plus, this means i can go skiing with my dad when he comes next month.
chase was up about a hundred times last night.
max about the same.
maybe it was 6 a piece.
it is really all a blur anyway, and i have no clue.
it just felt like all night b/c they were up at different times making a consistent night of zero sleep for us grown ups.
god bless brennan and his ability to sleep through anything.
even when he shares a room with max the kid will sleep through her screaming.
who knew HE would end up being such a great sleeper?!
sean usually goes in there and lays on the ground with a pillow next to her crib {i leave my kids in their cribs as long as possible. i have been blessed with babies that don't climb. verdict's still out on chase. we will see if he climbs like spidy}.
anyway, he lays there next to her crib and holds her hand through the bars of her crib until she falls back asleep, but sometimes sean falls asleep doing it, so i will go in after an hour and wake him up to come back to bed.
it's really sweet to walk in on.
so last night he was in there with max, and we were both going back and forth between his room, our room, and brennan and max's room from about 3:30am until the sun came up.
chase finally gave up on sleeping around 6am.
i took him to the pediatrician again today to see if the third antibiotic worked.
it appears that not only do the garlic drops NOT work, but antibiotics don't work on his ear infections either.
it's a crying shame.
apparently, chase's Eustachian tubes are smaller than fishing line.
or smaller.
whatever is smaller than fishing line,
that's how small his Eustachian tubes are.
i killed 3 cats last night over the whole ordeal.
so today Dr. D told me we could do an antibiotic shot or do a fourth and final oral one.
the shot is this big strong antibiotic.
i said no thanks.
he said thanks in return.
he doesn't like the shot either.
and i liked that he has opinions about this kind of stuff.
man oh man, i can't tell you how great this doctor is.
we just switched to him, and have mercy, having a doctor who has 3 kids is a completely different ball game compared to a doctor who has never had kids.
i'm in there explaining how chase isn't sleeping and he was all, "man i hear ya. my wife and i got a total of 3 hours combined last night. let's get chase sleeping so you can get back to sleeping."
and then i told him about how he had to watch the youtube video with his wife,
so he would understand why i was telling him that i killed 3 cats last night.
b/c seeing as we are new patients and all i can't have him thinking that i've ACTUALLY killed 3 cats,
and then have him call peta on me.
i love animals.
i don't really kill animals.
just cats.
after i've been up with kids all night.
but not really cats.
have you watched it yet???
{for the record--i don't really kill cats}.
"why mother's need their rest." watch it!
how have your nights been going lately?
1 cat? 2 cats? i hope not 3.
love, emily
chase thinks max is the cat's meow.
she plays peekaboo with him.
he laughs hysterically.
p.s. look what they had at harmon's on saturday.
i bought 8 of each.
only 6 of the reese's eggs left. 
i've been trying to limit myself to one a day b/c of our talk we had with laura.
but obviously, there must be an exception for reese's eggs.
i don't like cadburry cream eggs.
but i still buy them for my family.
too messy.
i'm just not a gooey center kind of gal anymore.
i used to be, but no more i say!

i will buy 8 more reese's eggs this next saturday, and every saturday until they run out at easter.
thank goodness the easter candy people are finally marketing like the christmas people.
3 months early:)

it's been freaky cold here.
at least freaky cold for utah.
california too.
how about germany???
still haven't seen the hobbit.
or les mis.
too busy killing cats.
maybe this weekend i'll take a break from the cats, 
and eat popcorn with cherry coke in my movie mug instead.


Amy Involuntary said...

Always positive, even when neighbors start looking for their cats. That is a funny clip, it is true. How sweet that Sean gets up with them too. So sad about your little man's ears, though. I got ear infections all the time as a kid and I remember how much they hurt! I can't imagine having them as often as he does. Poor little guy.

Sue said...

Did he try giving Chase Septra. That's the one that always worked for my kids. Sulfa drugs were like magic, where the cillins and mycins did nuttin'.


Kindra said...

You must make time for Les Mes! So sorry the antibiotics aren't working! Matthew had ear infections all the time when he was Chase's age, we were always going back for new antibiotics. The doc saw tubes in our future. Then my nurse friend told to give him a small dose of benadryl (or an antihistamine) for a couple of days at the first sign of a runny nose. It dries them up and helps with drainage (so the yucky stuff doesn't drain to their tiny ear tubes) I am not big on loading my kids up on drugs but I thought it was worth a try and I kid you not the child hasn't had an ear infection since! I probably shouldn't be recommending you give your baby antihistamines but it's worked for us!