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Monday, February 4, 2013

only when it's tactful

this weekend was warm.
40* warm.
the inversion is back,
but the sun is shining where we live.
at the pediatrician's office on friday there was a kid that came in wearing shorts, snow boots, and a sweatshirt. i laughed b/c that is something i would totally let my kids wear right now too.
b/c 40* and sunny feels like 65*.
really, it does.
i swear.
{but only when it's tactful.}
so today max and brennan are out swinging, sliding, and playing in the sandbox.
with unzipped coats, no gloves, and no hats.
except i think it's only about 30*.
i spent the weekend putting drops in chase's ears and max's eyes.
and rotating everyone's motrin and tylonel.
minus brennan and sean who continue to be immune.
lucky dogs.
so far max is the only person in the pink eye posse.
i'm still holding my breath.
chase's ears healed without a hitch!
we are thrilled.
too bad he's still waking up ALL NIGHT LONG.
a bottom tooth has been trying to pop out this weekend.
i love rocking him in the middle of the night when the house is all asleep,
with his warm little body snoring on my shoulder.
but i would LOVE it if he didn't wake up too.
b/c the 2am shift and the 6am shift have our heads spinning by morning when brennan comes in bright eyed and bushy tailed before the sun has even really come up.
i know this is just a season in our life.
and i'm grateful for it.
b/c i just love having a baby around the house.
but man, a full night's sleep just sounds like the most glorious thing out there right now.
knowing me, i'll get some sleep and miss being up in the night with chase.
this week's plans:
order max's cake
more sunbathing in my snow coat
make max's birthday crown
make lists for valentine's things in my head
think about writing my lists in my head down on paper
{below: sun bathing in my snow coat}
{below: chase snoring on my shoulder}
 favorite quotes from the weekend:

brennan {in timeout for hitting chase}: "i am mad at you. i'm gonna go nuts at you! that means REALLY crazy."

max {when i was trying to put her eye drops in yesterday for the 100th time}: "just let my eyes fall out!!!!!" b/c clearly that would be better than getting rid of pink eye with the drops.

brennan {after he asked if we could buy him smash brothers wii game--we said no}: "i need a job!" {and then he tried to bust open his pirate piggy bank. unsuccessfully, hehe}

brennan {while washing his hands in the bathroom this morning}: "do you know when you're a teenager you go to high school? yep, i'm going there next year with cade. to high school. where you get to get your own food. there's table there. where you sit. with your own food. and it's a "whittle" scary b/c sometimes there's mean high schoolers who want to beat up kids that are 4 (shows me 4 fingers on his hand). yep, next year cade and me are going." LOL!!! he totally thinks they are going to the high school next year for "big school."

brennan {out of the blue}: "i'm going to cade's house on vacation!" after i texted cade's mom brennan's vacation comment, she texted back to me that last time brennan was over he told cade that he was at a beach house. cade asked what that was, and brennan told him that was "vacation."

brennan {while i was helping him get dressed for church yesterday}: "after church let's go to the lake house." {my parents have a lake house that we go to in the summer.} my dad replied with "how about next weekend?" yessssssss pleasssssseeee:)

and that my friends is how to make your monday a happy one.
reading the thoughts of an almost 3 and 5 year old.
they hilarious little people!!!
over and out.


jen said...

It gave me a small measure of comfort to see Max still with her pacy. Maybe one day I'll make Evie give hers up for naps. Maybe . .. .

becca said...

i love your kids they rock

Sue said...

Chase is probably just in the habit of waking up now. Maybe you can sort of "encourage" him out of it...

Don't go running too fast to the crib at night.


Amy said...

That weather is awesome. Today was a no coat day for me.
I am beginning to think you are personally keeping your pediatrician's office in business.